Zero Percent Finance Car Servicing

Interest Free Servicing & Repairs for Audi, VW, Skoda, SEAT & Bentley

Do you need a finance option on your vehicle repair?

We understand that some repair bills are bigger than others.

We understand that some months such as December are more expensive than others.

We know you understand that getting your car or van repaired is still just as important no matter the time of year.




So we have a solution for you. We can now offer you a finance option to spread the payments due on your repairs over 3 months with a start date of up to 40 days after your vehicle is repaired. In theory you can take up to 4 months to pay your bill - INTEREST FREE!

Finance is available from £80-£3000.

Finance options aren’t just for the unexpected repair bill. Have you always wanted that performance upgrade but couldn't face the bill? Spread the cost over three months and upgrade today! We cannot offer finance options on some performance products. Please ask for more details.

Acceptance of the finance option is subject to application.

*The cost of tuning and performance products paid for under the Interest Free Offer does not include any discounted prices. Interest Free Finance is not available on every Tuning upgrade – please ask for details.

As with all finance, acceptance of this finance option is subject to application and there are Terms & Conditions that apply. Read more details about Responsible Lending.

*The cost of a service paid for under the interest free offer does not include the published discounted price.


Take advantage of 0% Finance for your Car or Van MOT, Repairs and Servicing – book below or call our team on 0208 2000 995.

Wayne Abbott, Fleet Servicing and MOT Customer, North London.

Time after time you take in our company vehicles at short notice and provide us with a free courtesy van. Your staff are extremely helpful and the turnaround time in fixing any problems is amazing. After taking our latest problem you turned it around in a few days even though it was a lot of work. The standard of your work is extremely high and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who may need them.